Manuel Amador's résumé

I am an angel investor, as well as a reliability engineer, with 20 years of experience in the software development field.  I count numerous contributions to widely used free / libre software under my belt.

On the software engineering side of things, I manage and use a diverse technology stack that includes Linux, ZFS, SaltStack, Go, Python and Qubes OS.  My engineering operations experience has gotten me acquainted with product lifecycle from inception and design to production rollout.  My business development experience showed me how to forge mutually-beneficial and constructive relationships.  My career taught me that you end up getting the best out of life from the places and people you expect it the least.

I'm interested in both ground-breaking reliability engineering work in the cryptocurrency / blockchain space, as well as investments, with a strong preference for Switzerland-based opportunities.

Contact information

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Engineering experience

(Only the most recent professional experience shown.)

Teralytics • mobile analytics engineering
February 2017 — October 2017
DevOps engineer.
  • Deployment and maintenance of core services infrastructure.
  • Monitoring and automation.
  • <NDA>
Google • online advertising / engineering firm
August 2013 — June 2016
Site reliability engineer.
  • Low-level / low-dependency planetary-wide job / task control: development, maintenance, and delivery (release / rollout) automation.
  • BigQuery massively parallel database: delivery engineering and automation.
  • <NDA>
Aditazz • construction engineering
November 2012 — August 2013
Senior development operations architect.
  • Conceived, deployed, documented and maintained uniform, fully version-controlled, multi-environment operations infrastructure.
  • Supervised and maintained all equipment involved in the operations infrastructure, through the mechanisms built into the infrastructure
  • Engineered, maintained and documented C++, Python and Go build infrastructure and continuous delivery for the entire software stack
  • Designed, drove, documented and deployed the service-oriented Web applications delivery platform.
  • Implemented automated backups for several key operations infrastructure components, entirely integrated into the operations infrastructure
  • Wrote a zero-downtime Web server library in Go, currently used in rapid development and deployment of Web applications
  • Wrote a Web server supervisor and proxy, currently in use for rapid local development of Web applications
StumbleUpon • recommendation engine
April 2012 — July 2012
Senior site reliability engineer.
  • Upgraded several NetApp servers by replacing them with off-the-shelf commodity ZFS on Linux servers.
  • Implemented automatic ZFS replication and incremental hourly, weekly and monthly backup between geographically separate datacenters.
  • Implemented ZFS on Linux data collection for OpenTSDB.
  • Implemented Varnish data collection for OpenTSDB.
  • Resolved, while on-call, several critical MySQL replication errors.
  • Integrated the deployment of ZFS on Linux and zfs-tools into the global StumbleUpon infrastructure, through Puppet automation.
  • Deployed the latest stable Bugzilla and its customized skin, fully automated through Puppet.
  • Implemented rate-limiting and compatibility with pv for ZFS replication in zfs-tools.
Twilio • telecommunications API
March 2011 — February 2012
Software engineer, development operations engineer.
  • Fixed long-standing defect in production enterprise bus that had cost the company thousands of man-hours. test suite
  • Developed new features and fixed compliance, both per the HTTP spec, for horizontally-scalable transcoding service.
  • Participated in the Twilio Client team rollout.
  • Researched and produced cross-platform cross-browser plugin for Flash-less voice over IP communications (now implemented as WebRTC).
  • Rewrote build system to be compatible with Git while maintaining Subversion support.
  • Developed the orchestration parts necessary to put private Github into production.
  • Automated test suite creation and execution, triggered by Git pushes to Github repositories.